Thursday, April 15, 2010


-adjective informal
done for; having failed completely.

blog,April 2010

coke bottle glasses, an e.k.g. monitor strapped to my chest, and black & blue arms was the visual of yours truly yesterday.

i looked hellacious!

this weekend i took a little trip to the e.r. - kinda scary!
after waking up with the right side of my body (face, arm & hand) numb two mornings in a row & not subsiding, i figured it was time to call the doctor.
i was told to head to the hospital right away - "it could be a stroke!" i was warned.
after poking, prodding and many tests, the doctors haven't been able to find anything wrong. no strokes. all the scans & tests have come back normal; so i am thrilled about that, but still a little stressed inside wondering. there is one more m.r.i. that i haven't heard back on...

then, on top of the numbness, my left eye somehow got scratched and turned bright red, hurting like a mother. out come the contacts, on go the glasses. i'm so blind.
we had potty training accidents (including poo on the back patio), tantrums, problem after problem, kids fighting, yelling at each other and making all kinds of messes,
homework had to be done, my husband was gone... pretty much endless torment.
i was washed-up!
i felt defeated. done for. having failed completely. could this day be over? please!

i got through it. barely. on my last crippled leg lol!!! oh how blessed i am to have such amazing friends, family & neighbors though! i can't even express to you all the love i've been shown this last week! all of the meals, concerned phone calls, and goodies have meant the world to me! you are my heros! you saved the day yesterday and i couldn't have done it without you! i probably frightened you with my funky new "do", but thank you!

i would also like to publicly thank my Heavenly Father. he has helped me and blessed me beyond measure. i don't get down on my knees enough and ask for help. i know i should. i will.

now on to better days!

oh yes, i can't forget to tell you about this picture (above). my cute sister lindsey gave me this beautiful dish with hand soap and lotion inside. she told me i could use the dish as a "dish", or suggested i leave the pair in and place this decorative ensemble next to my sink. so i did. i love it! she's so innovative and creative!
i thought i'd share this cute idea with you!

thanks lindz! love you!