Monday, September 5, 2011


i hope you all had a wonderful labor day today!
by show of hands (or comments) who had to work?

ahhhh, this weekend's weather was absolutely gorgeous!  
you can definitely tell fall is in the air!
we've spend the last few days mostly in our backyard playing with the greatest black lab alive!  we've been dog sitting and we really don't want to give him back! he's been so fun!  i never thought i would want a big dog, but after being with such a well trained, good natured animal like this one, i can see why people love their dogs.  he's lying here on the floor snoring under my feet while i type right now.  so funny! 

man, he just looks so good in our home and yard!  picture perfect.
i feel like we've been starring in a movie with him all weekend.  i can almost hear the background music :)
okay, now i sound kinda creepy possessive.

i couldn't decide which i liked better, the teal leaf or the gray; 
so i'm offering both!

you can buy my retro one here or the classic here