Friday, September 23, 2011

[go buy yourself a shovel]

whilst working in my yard and garden yesterday, digging up weeds, i started laughing to myself as i recalled my darling dad telling us about a recent talk he gave in sacrament meeting a few months ago.  
apparently he told all the youth in his y.s.a. ward to go out and buy themselves a shovel if they didn't have one already.
"everyone needs a shovel." he encouraged.  "get out and work in your yard or your parent's yard for a while.  go get some fresh air... you'll feel better!  some of you may shock your parents.  they'll love it!  or your landlord will be so happy!"    
(this is all reinterpreted, but that was his main point.)  
my dad is amazing.  he is so cute.  he gives everyone shovels, and or hoses, but that's a story for a different post :) 
all his son-in-laws have either received one for their birthday or christmas if they didn't have one already.  i think he even gave one to his brother-in-law too one year.  i love and appreciate his practicality!  
i am so grateful for his incredible example.  he and my mom taught me the importance of work; and that is an invaluable gift i will cherish forever.  i know i groaned and murmured much of the time, but  i learned to enjoy it and appreciate it.  i enjoyed and still enjoy working side by side with my parents just working & talking.  

"Working together gives us the chance to praise our children, to tickle them, to be silly together, and to talk to them about what we really value in life.  It's natural to add in lots of hugs, pats on the back, and kisses when we're working together.  It's also a great time to compliment our children on who they are becoming--we can help them understand how amazing they are."
- September's article: Am I Destined to Live in a Pigsty?  by April Perry for The Power of Moms
there's nothing like sitting back after a good hard day's work and marvel in the result together as a family. 

my latest endeavor as a mother is to try and make work fun for my kids;  to keep it fresh and exciting and most importantly, enjoyable for all of us.  
there are so many awesome tips i've recently discovered, many in april's article, and now's it's time to implement!

if you haven't checked out The Power of Moms, you gotta!  you may have noticed their button over on my right hand column of links.  
but seriously, i am smitten by the wisdom.  ah hah tears happen to be my reoccurring reaction.
deliberate motherhood-so important.

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