Tuesday, September 13, 2011

[water worshiper]

it wasn't easy waking up this morning.  for all of us.
the crashing sound of water running was just enough to peek jack's interest.
he knows what bath time sounds like and he began fighting with all of his strong little might to join annie this morning for a monumental splash fest.  he let me know he wanted in.
this little mr. is the biggest splasher boy i've ever met!
loves is an understatement for him -
he worships the water and passionately slaps that aqua pura like it deserves punishment.
he gets the biggest kick out of watching those little water droplets move.
he puts up with the little mermaid doll too.  he doesn't mind her too much.  he quite enjoys the company.
this was his first bath with big sis, so he was an extra happy boy today!
go on, splash it like ya just don't care!
they liquefy me.

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