Friday, September 30, 2011

[the handmade home]

ashley is another one of my idols.
her creativity, charm and wit does not go unnoticed.  i posted about the handmade home months ago right after i found ashley through pinterest.  and i can't go a day without checking in to see what's this woman is up to next!  i swear she's super human.  i don't know when this girl sleeps.  she must have the energy of a five year old, 'cause DANG!  and i need to find out what she slips into her husband's morning juju, because obviously he is motivated too!

and she just announced today that she will be on the nate berkus show!!!  yes!  next tuesday october 4th!
i am so freakin' excited to see my little pen-pal blog friend appear on my television screen!  EEEEKK!
so, now you must check her work!  here is one of my faves.  her living room.
is that mills fab 5 the coolest thing you've ever seen?  do you think she'd let me borrow it?  like forever?
it's fitting...  my family calls me mills :)
okay, see the photo collage above her sofa?  all those family pics are taken with her iPhone via instagram.
she of course has a tutorial on that!  so rad!

now take a looksie at this room. 
 isn't this magical?  her quaint, soft style woos me.  calgon take me away!
learn how to recreate ashley's darling felt mobile here.  and that jenny lind bed... timeless.  more about this room here.
me lovie lotsa.
the nursery?  are you kidding me?  talk about a movie star's daughter's room!  ga-horgeous!  see tour here.
this here is ashley's light and bright beautiful kitchen.  this space is so cheery and welcoming!   
these fanciful curtains had me at YELLOW.  fabulous i tell you, fabulous!  so yummy!
so there is just too much awesomeness to fit in one post... so go check out her whole site.
grab a bag of cookies, hop back in bed if you have a laptop, and spend the whole day reading her blog.
there is so much eye candy, the cookies will be jealous because you won't even need to eat them.
then, you won't need to exercise today!
see, ashley's the bomb diggity! 

it's friday!
have a great weekend!

if you give amelia a handmade home post, she'll want a diet coke and blanket to go with it.... and once she has a her diet coke and blanket, that will remind her of the television.  and once she turns on that television, she'll be waiting for ashley to be on the NATE STINKIN' BERKUS SHOW!!!  
go ashley!
thanks for letting me feature you!