Saturday, October 29, 2011

[the dotted border]

remember these guys?  thankfully it didn't rain on us again and we were able to get some good pics this time!  
i made up this mock holiday card for kicks- i'm so excited because i finally took the time to make this dotted border that i've been wanting to try and create.  yay!  wow, i laugh at what excites me.
more of this shoot here

holy toledo!  i can't keep up on everything!  as such, i decided to chop my hair off.  yep!  my dream of having zoe deshanel's hair has come to a screeching hault.  it just takes too much time.  i'm in low-maintenace mode these days.  it's kind of sad, but i'm a busy mommy and my reality is jammies 'till noon most days and a simple pair of flats.  no shame!

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