Monday, October 10, 2011


you know when you want to smile and it's just not there?  when you're trying to be happy about doing something and it's just not happening?  that's me today.  i don't want to do anything.  i woke up feeling alright, but my three year old sure wasn't happy;  i think that's what brought on my sour mood.  she's all smiles and giggles now, why can't i be?  this could possibly be a monday issue.  usually mondays can either be awesome or not awesome.  today must be a not awesome one.  i just feel blah, & have zero motivation.  it's so annoying!  
i want to snap out of this funk!  thankfully i don't have this too often...
this here is my darling little nephew brett.  unlike me, he was full of energy and spontaneity when i took his picture yesterday :)
that incredibly rockin' little face of his is cheering me up as i type.  his cuteness is so contagious!  thanks little man!

what do you do to abandon the gloom? 
maybe apples & doughnuts? 

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