Friday, October 7, 2011

[old schoolin' it]

so i'm kinda really diggin' this old-school/vintage style.  what do ya think?
i had to up my iso & brighten them considerably in lightroom due to mean old dark storm clouds (hence the graininess) but i like 'em.  they're kinda cool.

we were rained out gosh dang it.  it got dark and stormy fast.  here are a few of my faves i snagged before we got soaked.

are these little gents adorable or what?  they're so awesome!
these are some of my favorite people!  i grew up with henry & nelson's gorgeous mother.  we liked to watch grease and don't tell mom the babysitter's dead together :)  we call each other's dads gary
i remember cortney's love for michael jackson.  she taught me how to finger knit.  i'm sure she remembers a few stories about me too lol.
ah the good old days.

it was so fun to capture their darling family & catch up a bit!  thanks guys for being such great sports and your willingness to try again!  
i hope your chair isn't spotted!
p.s. love chris' rad bronco!  how much is he asking?

more pics to soon to come here 

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