Tuesday, October 11, 2011

[fall flair]: Salt Lake City Interior Design

fall is in full swing this week!  you can just taste it stepping outside.  pumpkin patches, cool crisp breezes, halloween decorations... it's all so fun and festive!  
here are a few of my favorite finds i'd like to share with you today.

this first look is from my ever so talented aunt jennifer at the quaint home!  jenn has always had impeccable taste!  every thing she touches turns to gold i swear!  these are a few pictures from her home, which btw is rockin' and will blow all the leaves off you and your neighbor's yards amazing!  yes!  she's that good!  jenn owns color, detail and design!  everything she picks out and arranges is flawless.  she just has that eye!  what i love about jenn is that she works with every style.  she doesn't just have one particular look- she has expertise in all types of decor!  
like the quaint home interior design on facebook and check out her two fall design promotions she's offering!  they're fabulous!  
image on the left via good housekeeping and right via the butlers
isn't this the most gorgeous fall dessert?  images and recipe via the sprouted kitchen
don't these two images make you want to live in the country?  left via under the sycamore and the image on the right i found on pinterest.

ahh, today is so much better than yesterday!  it's amazing what a new day can bring!
happy tuesday friends!