Wednesday, November 16, 2011

[farmall parking only]

all the little kids with their pump pump kins they better run, better run!
i completely forgot to post these pumpkin patch pictures.  
weeks ago we met the cousins to pick out pumpkins one toasty saturday afternoon last month.  
liv had just finished her soccer game and the kiddies were pumped to search for their perfect pumpkin, make their way through the corn maze, and of course take a turn on the tractors.  i admit i went a little nuts snapping pictures of jack tom on these bad boys!  it's so fun to do boy stuff with him!  all he needs is a little cowboy hat and boots!  
i think he looks so much like his  great grandma hansen (who happened to be a beet farmer) in this picture below.
cute aunt bek happily supplied the wheelbarrow rides.  that must have been a pretty good little workout!  
those kids and pumpkins get heavy!  what a champ!  pumpkin parading is the best!  until next year...

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