Friday, November 11, 2011


out the door and off to school the two olders went.  while juggling a fussy baby and trying to dry off annie's wet little post bath body, i trip over clothes, shoes, pillows and toys in their disaster of a room.  this is the second morning i've hit my head on something in there- maybe i'm subconsciously trying to knock myself out as to avoid the massive laundry heaps today!

while in the middle of frustration and head pain, i look up and notice my oldest's bed.  cute little liv had once again made a unique space for herself.  draped carefully with one of my scarves, her headboard holds all of her special little treasures;  her library card, ctr ring, duct tape pen, journal, sticky notes & more.  i had to smile and laugh.  i know she longs for her own room, but rarely complains.  sharing a room with two little sisters can be painful at times for her, i get it!  someday when she does get her own room, i can almost guarantee she'll miss when her and her sisters talk & sing each other to sleep every night.  i did.  the highly anticipated day when my sister and i acquired our own rooms, we were terribly lonely.  for months, kate would sneak back to my quarters and sleep next to me.  

last night a few of my friends and i were discussing november's power of moms article valuing motherhood. we were asking each other, "what makes motherhood rewarding for you?" this (seeing olivia's decorated headboard) was mine today- to see the treasures she values made me proud inside.  it's incredibly validating to see her love & cherish good things. 
now if only i could curb all this unnecessary junk that accrues!  i swear it hops out of the trash like little elves in the night and reproduces in their room!  
i'm so overly excited it's friday!  are you?  this week has been way, way too long!  have a great weekend!

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