Tuesday, November 15, 2011


don't ya just love it when you feel like your fast forward button was pushed?  like you're on triple speed or something?  it's the best!  i can accomplish so much when i have those sudden spurts of energy!    yesterday was one of those for me!  and no, i'm not prego lol...  just in a little pre-holiday nesting phase i suppose :) 

check it out!  my mom found this amazing bird's nest in her backyard and gave it to the girls to show their school classes.  i just can't get over the intricacy.  how does mama bird do it?  to gather all the mud and grasses and mold them into this tight, strong little nest is a miracle.  nature is so fascinating isn't it?      
i found this object lesson i plan to use in our next family home evening lesson:
*if any of you neighbors are interested in borrowing this nest, you're welcome to!
Lesson: This nest is a marvel of engineering. The birds made it without studying any books, without any tools except their beaks and their legs and they didn’t even have an instructor tell them how to do it! Somehow, in their little heads, God just gave them the sense of what to do and they did it! Have you ever watched a bird building a nest? They really work hard at it and keep trying until they get it exactly right for them – or they finally go and start over another place.
Do all kinds of birds build the same kind of a nest? No. Some build with sticks, some with leaves, some with more mud. Some put theirs on or near the ground, some put them way up in trees, some put the door in the bottom, some sit on them and act as the roof, some put them in trees, etc., etc.! One interesting thing is that every bird of one type makes the same kind of house.
Application: That fits with what the Bible says. Each bird is made after its own kind (Genesis 1:21) in its own wonderful way. And God teaches them and takes care of them. They are important to Him! (Luke 12:24) Jesus knew this and talked about it.
Conclusion: We are important to God, too He teaches us through the Bible and He takes care of us. You do not have to worry or be afraid. If you have a problem, call to Jesus and God to help you. Say as Hebrews 13:6 says, “The Lord is my helper. I will not be afraid.” You can trust God! Let’s pray and thank God for His goodness and trustworthiness. (Pray)

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