Wednesday, November 30, 2011

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

i want to share a sneak peek of a new print i've made and will be selling in my shop!  

inspired by my darling friend who raised 6 amazing children in a tiny house.  she believes small homes help create the closest relationships.  she explains, "there isn't room to hide from each other.  families are forced to interact, play & learn together!"  I LOVE THAT!

i'm planning for these be customizable- allowing an address below (as shown).
i've pretty much settled on these two colors (putty & slate) for neutrality. 
i'd love to hear any comments/critiques you may have!  i've been starring at these way too long and would love some feedback!  be totally honest!  i'm new at this!
we have glitter and gold all over the house.  
and, the Lord works in mysterious ways.  that's all i'll say about that.
we pulled out my favorite Christmas book,  i believe in santa claus.  it's beautiful.  it's simple.  it makes me cry.  i believe every family should own a copy.

yay!  the tree went up relatively pain-free yesterday... besides the fact that i fell down the stairs while on my way to put a big ornament bin away lol.  i landed on one of my ankles.  ouch!  not good.  the strange thing is, after shaking it off and putting weight on it, it felt fine the rest of the day.  but when i went to bed last night, it got very sore.  i crossed my fingers and prayed i could walk in the morning.  there's just too much to get done!  thankfully it feels much better today.  i'm walking :)

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