Wednesday, January 18, 2012

meet me in the middle

morning came way too fast and the first thing i woke up to were the words, "are there any darks in the dryer?" aHhHhh!  i immediately cringed.  "um, no.  what are you out of?  i swear i just washed them!" "i'm out of workout clothes" my patient husband replies.  "they pile up quick" he follows.  "i don't get it !!!" i moan, covering my face with my pillow.  my head is now spinning and i kinda want to puke.  i felt bad.  i am failing at my job.  sam sensed my bitter frustration as he continued to get ready in the dark.  "i'll figure something out... it's okay."  "thanks lover" i mumbled.  "i'll wash them today."
thanks for meeting me in the middle smeeter.  thank you for understanding and loving me even though i can't seem to keep your clothes clean!
so i managed to write the two things i had to do down.  that was it.  the rest i make up as i go.  this is how i roll.  i need to change that.  this week i MUST come up with a weekly schedule that i follow.  if i need to change things around, then so be it.  like they say, if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.  it's true gosh dang it.   
the highlight of my day was meeting my sister linds and her little kiddies at ikea.  it felt really good to get out and just meander around with her, look at all the cool stuff, pick things up, contemplate buying them, putting most of it back, and occasionally adding a few things to our carts... we need to do it more!  we laughed a lot which is always so therapeutic.    
i picked up a few more frames (i kinda have a frame fettish) and some bright pink and orange umbrellas.  aren't these fun?  they're so cheery!  i thought they'd make cute valentine's gifts for the girls.  annie's already seen them, but they'll be a surprise for the others.  shhhh.  
ikea has a new family line.  there were backpacks, umbrellas, toiletry bags, and i think small luggage (don't hold me to this, i didn't pay close attention- i was enthralled with the umbrellas)  i don't know how it is at your house, but our umbrellas don't seem to last very long.  i never spend more than a few bucks on them because they break so easily.  maybe that's my problem.   do the expensive ones last longer?  am i just buying junk?
hahaha.  after we got home from shopping, i was totally in the mood to make valentines.  so i began digging up all my craft stuff.  i don't have much.  shelley, do you remember this box of junk (above by the frames) you helped me organize once upon a time?  lol.  i'm super embarrassed but it's way too funny not to show.  shelley came over one day to craft with me.  i pulled out this ridiculous bin of random ribbons, flowers, thread, stickers, etc. and the poor girl was probably so disgusted.  shelley sat and un-tangled and re-rolled all my ribbon, color coded and sorted my flowers, and cleaned up my big mess!  shells, i PROMISE it stayed nice for a while!  you were so cute to do that!  can you come over again?

well, since we all know my time management stinks, i quickly realized the kids were due home from school any minute and that there was no time for crafting.  i frantically put everything away because i knew that they'd all be in to it instead of starting in on their homework.  this will have to be a weekend activity.
a small valentine reminder: meet me in the middle  --please.  
may we all come to understandings, be a little more loving, forgiving and patient with each other.  no one's perfect.  love conquers all!
happy wednesday!

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