Wednesday, January 25, 2012

our last's first

five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes 
big man on campus, hunk a burnin' love, jack-a-bee, jack tom, jackie, rat & pick are just a few of his nicknames.
he makes us laugh harder than ever.
he sports wings(his hair is much too long for his father's liking right now lol).
he's a flirt!
he definitely has a strong opinion.
he's so close to walking- he just needs man up & do it!
he could probably play in the tub all day.
he's an explorer.  he's into everything. he'll make a great scout one day.  or sneak out the car at eleven like his daddy did.  heaven help me!  he better not!
he worships his sisters and follows them around like a little puppy dog.
he says mamma, dadda and hi.
he kinda wants to be entertained all the time.
he can light up the room and drive his mother and father to junk food all in one mouthful.
he has our hearts.
he's turning one this week.
this is our last's first.
...very bittersweet for me.

happy first birthday sweetest baby boy!  

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