Saturday, January 21, 2012

natural window light

there's nothing like good lighting when taking pictures!  it makes all the difference.
good natural light makes me weak in the knees.  it's pure, it's real, it's divine.
one of the lightest, brightest spots in our house happens to be the master bathroom.
between the water, white bathtub and window light, i'm in heaven.  their little bare shoulders couldn't be more darling either!
candids + natural light = primo!
Now that we are in the winter season and many of us are stuck inside due to the freezing weather, it is important that we know how to utilize as much available light (indoors) as possible.
Window light is a very beautiful and powerful tool in the world of photography. It can create many types of lighting on your subject ranging from harsh light to soft, diffused, even light. It’s pretty simple and one of my favorite types of lighting – winter or not.  Using backlight in a window light situation can create a beautiful dreamlike haze.  read more here via i heart faces
happy picture taking!

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