Tuesday, February 14, 2012

candy hearts & chicken pot pies

mmm, aren't candy hearts so divine when they're soft?
happy valentine's day friends!

we just got back from costco, mr. jack is taking a nap, annie has destroyed the family room with soccer cones, blankets, couch cushions and toys. and guess what?  we're having chicken pot pies for dinner! romantic, isn't it?  next weekend comes the real love!  can't wait!
how will you celebrate?  you're probably headed out to a fancy dinner downtown, or serving festive pink & red gourmet food or something like that :)

oh yes, i have some exciting news!  i am very close to adding a new nursery print to my shop!  i can't wait to show you!  it's super groovy!  
be sure to check back and go enter my giveaway if you haven't already :) 
have a fabuloso day!

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