Saturday, February 4, 2012

prenatal pictures

mrs. jacob's high school english class is where melissa and i first met.  totally sidetracking, but speaking of mrs. jacobs for a sec, she would probably shake her tiny, curly-haired little head with disgust if she saw this blog.  written in all lowercase letters and housing far too many grammatically incorrect sentences, it's gotta be a teacher's worst nightmare!  yikes!

hahaha, not only do i remember melissa being so darling and fun, but she had thee raddest backpack ever.  i wanted one baaaad!  and of all the years we ran around together, i never once swam in her fabulous indoor pool!  how did that happen/not happen?  duhhh! 

melissa has always been such a great friend to me and i'm so happy i was able to do this for her!  she has always had a highly gravitating & contagious personality- it's giddy & adorable.  she's a little firecracker- so full of life and charisma!  isn't she so gorgeous in these pictures?  dang! 

pregnant with her first baby,  documenting her darling belly was a must!
i had a blast being with her again and getting to know her awesome hubs a little bit better! they are going to make amazing parents!

congrats you two!  can't wait to see that baby boy!  he's going to be beautiful!

and a big squeeze & thank you to my sister kate for letting us come use her stunning home for the shoot!  

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