Wednesday, February 15, 2012

seven brides for seven brothers & more prenatal pictures

it's snowing and tonight will be our chicken pot pie dinner instead of last.  sam surprised me & came home with long stemmed red roses, a new attic tv antenna (we're ditching cable) and took the whole family out for bbq!  we had such a fun night!  Livie said it was the best day ever!  i concurred.  maybe sam read yesterday's post.  i never asked :)  

oh my gosh, while we were there (at the restaurant), we saw a family come in with seven boys.  yes, i said 7 boys.  i couldn't stop starring at them.  they were all so darling, well dressed and the olders were equipped with cell phones, laughing and getting along so well.  the oldest must have been about 14, and i think they either had twins or triplets on the end.  yep, i said i couldn't stop starring at them.  i wonder how much it would cost each month to keep all those boys clothed, fed and electron-i-sized!  a lot!  good for them!  i kept thinking of millie from seven brides for seven brothers lol.  i can't even begin to imagine what it must be like to be that mom.  she looked tired.  she was beautiful.  she will be blessed.

finally, i gave sam his love tank card... he, well, let's just say we filled each other's tanks! 
it's good to love and be loved. 

i finished up melissa & brian's prenatal pictures and here are a few more to share!  

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