Tuesday, February 21, 2012

feelin' groovy!

i needed a new little project.  adding a splash of red to his room seemed like a good idea.  it was time to swap out j man's newborn pictures and add some bright flare!  
he's growing up way too fast.  wanting to capture his littleness, simon & garfunkle's "feelin' groovy" song popped into my head.  that was it!  that's the song i must re-work for a child's print.  i vacillated over the looks & layout of it, but this is what i kept coming back to.  super simple and very bold with a childlike touch.  i also wanted this print to grow with the child, so it would be groovy in a nursery or "big kid" room :)
this print (above) is shown framed in fire 20x30"and also offered in bubblegum and any other color shown on our custom color chart at no additional cost!   

we are also offering our small homes, meet me in the middle, let's think, think to pray, quick to kneel, slow down & that is home prints in ALL COLORS shown on our custom color chart at no extra cost!  

you'll have to bust on over to the shop and see all our new possibilities!
i would also like to say THANK YOU so much for all your business!  i'm feelin' some MAJOR love!!  i would have never dreamed these prints would be so well received!  
i'm extremely grateful for all your interest and purchases!  

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have a great night!

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