Tuesday, January 5, 2010


blog,december 2009

.this is chad.
.our great old neighbor & friend.
.and his sweet goggs.
.worn prior to the new year.

blog,January 2009

.these are the bennetts.
.more great old neighbors & friends.

we stayed in for a nice, cozy, relaxing new years with these 3!

the martinelli's they brought to share was definitely the party pleaser!
we had good intentions of playing games or watching a good flick, but ended up chatting and laughing the night away instead...
it's always a treat to be in their company!

blog,January 2009

was their adorable little man tired or tipsy? he he

blog,January 2009blog,January 2009

blog,January 2009

thanks for a smashing night guys!

blog,January 2009,smith extended family

bowling was the name of the game this new year's day!
sam's cute parents traditionally treat the whole crew and then put on a wonderful party at their home to follow.
we had such a great time all together!

blog,January 2009,smith extended family

a few b&w holiday closeups here