Friday, January 8, 2010

[raisin healthy kids]

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my friends frequently tell me how lucky i am to have such great little eaters.
and ya know, i am dang lucky! when it comes to mealtime, my kids will eat just about everything. there are a few things they don't enjoy, but for the most part, we can at least convince them to take a few bites - making it pretty simple to feed them nutritious foods successfully.

so since i've been on my big health kick, it's been nice to have them actually eat what i fix! lately i find my brain and body continually in the kitchen thinking and preparing meals... as if i wasn't in the kitchen enough already!
so please forgive me if all i talk about lately is diet. it really is just so fascinating to me!

knowledge is power! as i learn more about vitamins and minerals, sugars and carbohydrates, it is so much easier to eat better! -you're probably saying "gag!" right about now lol!

seriously, we have fun talking to our kids about how
•vitamin a is helpful for our eyes and how not having enough of it can lead to night blindness (that's right, scare them into it) and of course, it's good for beautiful hair!
•vitamin b helps our teeth, cheeks and gums

•vitamin c is great for our skin and fighting colds, and again, good hair
•vitamin d is helpful for our bones and their growth
•vitamin e helps our heart stay strong and healthy, and of course lovely hair

they love asking "is this healthy?" and i love it! i really believe that in the case with my kids, by keeping a running food dialogue and teaching them, definitely helps the little ones to be more agreeable and at least try to eat new foods.

signing off,
wannabe nutritionist