Wednesday, January 20, 2010

[pull this thread as i walk away]

blog,January 2010

my daughter is obsessed with this little tweed dress coat of hers! she's always prancing around the house in suit while holding her babies.

as we headed into church last sunday and noticed this wardrobe malfunction, my heart sank for a second...

will she notice? will she have a mini come apart?
thankfully only a few of us noticed & i new i should probably fix it quick. worst case scenario i just snip off the white thread and just let her keep wearing it as is.

a thought popped into my mind, just make both sides match!
not wanting to un-thread the left side, i decided i would make a million & one uses out of a sharpie!

blog,Jauary 2010blog,January 2010

a little black magic, and ta-da! it worked! giddy up!
oh happy day!
please share any sharpie stories you may have with me! i'd love to hear them! did you know there is a sharpie blog?

blog,January 2010

weezer's undone here