Monday, January 4, 2010


blog,January 2009

can i just vent for a moment?
is anyone else bugged by the fact that toy makers are producing movie character novelties from PG13 shows?

this avatar dude was last week's mcdonalds happy meal toy.

granted, we didn't have to buy the happy meal or could have told them to hold the toy, but that's the big fun with happy meals!

it's not such a big deal with girls, but little boys love these action figures and many times end up seeing these shows because of them when they are way too young. anyway, i admit i am guilty of buying such toys on occasion too...

i'm just sayin'!

on a brighter note...

blog,January 2009

did you know that celery wrapped in tin foil lasts twice as long?
it really does!
i learned that from martha stewart back in the day :)

crunch. crunch.