Monday, January 11, 2010

[moved on?]

.apparently i have a tough time taking Christmas down.
i do love it all, but i am completely over it by now. springtime & strappy sandals can come!
yep, our tree is still up & lit (one of the perks to having an artificial one i guess)

it's time!

blog,January 2009

one small problem...
i can't get into our storage room because it is a catastrophe!
we have clothes and bins everywhere!
are you feeling the rage? i've been trying to sort out the kids clothes to store now for months, and i am totally & literally in over my head.
i need to spend some serious time organizing so i can physically get to our Christmas boxes.

all day saturday we worked downstairs. we sorted through old boxes of yearbooks, jr. high binders, jr. high clothing we've held on to all these years - kidding!!!
no, almost that bad though!
i tend to hold on to my universe for sentimental value sake.
well, i turned a corner and relinquished a heap!
it feels good! don't worry folks, i saved my favorites :)
we filled up an entire trailer full of boxes, clothes, garbage, and more. we may as well moved!
and we still haven't touched the kids clothes - our largest nemesis.

how does one, or five, accrue so much stuff?
another new year's resolution i just now made: stop buying crap!

p.s. i never did hear from mary :( i probably should have given her a "shout out" earlier
sorry, not too bright today