Tuesday, June 22, 2010

[keeping it rEaL]

so i read this post last night and it really got me thinking...
do i come across "full of myself"?  or phony, like i'm portraying "a perfect life"?  i hope not.  i know i don't (have the perfect life) and i really don't pretend to... i've just wanted to keep things positive and uplifting here on brightsides - because this blog is for me and it helps me focus on all the good things i have in my life.  when i have a bad day and think i'm a real looser housekeeper, mom or friend, i try and re-shift my thinking; and as cheesy as it may sound, just look on the bright side :)

like this posts says, it's so easy to read our favorite blogs and compare ourselves to them and wish we could be like them, dress like them, eat like them, have the perfect house like them, create like them...
we don't see everything and we all need to remember that no person or family is perfect!

katy's post was great though, because it's so true!  very spot on!
i do believe though that people just want to share what they are excited about, stuff that makes 'em tick, things that make them go "ooh!"
everybody wants to show their best sides, things they are proud of and every human being loves appreciation and approval!
who doesn't love a compliment?
i say give it to them!  make them feel good!  help them feel validated!
and if you think they are just blogging for attention, sadly, they must really need it.  show them a little love! 

as women, let us not compare, let us lift each other up! we all have different circumstances, talents and interests.  we can learn a lot from each other!