Monday, June 6, 2011

[master of the house]

my cute parents had the girls sleep over last night, so i've been able to catch up on a few things today!
i'm sitting here typing one handed while feeding jack lol.  it's hard.

i'm excited to finally post my bedroom makeover!  sadly, i didn't even think to take any "before" pictures,
 but here's what we did:


first off, we painted the ceilings white.  this made such a huge difference. 
i was going for light and bright in here, and wow, it sure opened up the room.
next, i painted my our headboard white.  it used to be a whitewash finish. 

i designed this mr & mrs print on photoshop and collected all the bedding, lamps and artwork 
at several different tj maxx & homegoods stores!


i am still working on my south wall (above).  
i have tons of white and gold frames;  some ornate and some simple... just a whole assortment with white mats.  

i've developed pictures to go in all of them, now sam and i just have to agree on how to hang them. 
i planned to hang a whole bunch of them over our bed and sam wouldn't go for it. 
so, i guess we'll have to position all of them around this mirror.  
wish me luck.

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