Friday, June 17, 2011


here's what i'm cooking up this morning.

we have a little whipping cream obsession going on at our house!
it's super low in fat, carbs & calories 
and it's oh so creamy and delish!  it even looks pretty!
  it sure beats butter and syrup on the health-o-meter.
my kids love it!
so i figure, spray one more!

dukan oat bran galettes
arguably the healthiest pancake ever
makes 8 large pancakes

• 1 c fat free or low fat cottage cheese
• 1 c oat bran
• 4 packets splenda
• 8 egg whites*
• cinnamon to taste
• 2 tablespoons cocoa powder (opt)
* note: if cocoa is added, add one more egg white

blend all ingredients together well.
heat griddle to 350ยบ and cook like a pancake (approx 3-5 min each side)
top with whip cream & maybe even a little chocolate syrup!

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