Friday, June 3, 2011

[claim to the last gumball]

so tonight after we put the picks to bed, sabrina comes creeping in with welled-up red eyes and oh so forlorn (gulliver's travels & you've got mail). 
 "what's wrong?" we ask her.  she gave us nothing.  no response.  she just silently sobbed.  this happens often.  she's our silent sulker.  
"sabrina, tell us what's wrong!" we pleaded.  
finally olivia comes out from the shadows and pipes in.  "she's sad because i took the last gumball."  
"yeah!  it's mine and it's the last one!" sabrina shouts.  "well, i licked it, so....." olivia declares.  kinda like this
we started giggling and the rest is history.

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it's his birthday tomorrow!
happy birthday lover!