Monday, June 27, 2011

[welcome to the circus!]

 it's been birthday season at our house! whew! it's literally been a circus around here!
sabrina celebrated her big sixth a few weeks ago!
this little cutie chose to have a circus party, which is fitting because she should really belong in the ring!
just this last week we found her literally hanging from the rafters down in the basement.
she's a climber and such a little acrobat!
sabrina is our little peacemaker.  she is so good at sharing, even if it's her new favorite thing.
sabrina can be the quietest little little thing or the biggest chatter box you've ever heard :)
she is growing up so fast and we love her so much!
happy birthday sis!
my darling sister-in-law beki stayed to help and positively saved my life that day!
we originally planned to have the party on a saturday, but it ended up not being a good day for us &
most of her little friends, so we moved it to a weekday afternoon.
sam was at work, so it was all on me.  i totally underestimated my abilities and didn't realize how 
involved the face painting we planned would be and just how "circus like" this party could actually become!
between this music playing and twelve little ones running around, it was quite a show!

well, cute bek to the rescue... she stayed and painted faces, passed out popcorn, held jack, held her baby myles, painted more faces, picked up gift wrappings, and much, much more!
i was so incredibly tired by the time this party was over.  i know i wore her out too!
thank you beki!  you're over the top amazing!

the party was really fun!
i think her friends had a great time!

also, a big shout out thank you to olivia!  she did an amazing job painting faces and helping out!
she painted this pretty purple butterfly (below left) all by herself!  she's such a little artist!
party inspiration & templates from one charming party 

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