Thursday, June 2, 2011

[nursery rhymes part II]

okay, it's only taken me 4 months to post 
his nursery pictures...

seriously, the only reason i have the time to do this now is 
due to the fact that this little lovie is in the hospital tonight with rsv.  
what the heck? 
we avoided it all winter- i mean really avoided it- 
ask anyone, and now he gets it?
so sad. so lame.

sam took him in for suctioning and a breathing treatment 
and they decided to monitor him for several hours through the night.

of course i can't fall asleep and therefore decided to 
finally do a little blogging.

i needed to post these pictures of him because he's so cute!
despite all his coughing and wheezing, 
he still managed to smile at me all day today.  
bless him!
ooh! i love him!  
please say a little prayer for him will you?
thank you!
and i'm gonna try to post more home project pictures 
like i mentioned very soon 
stay tuned!

bedding & crib from pottery barn kids
the just stay little print was made by the incredibly talented sarah jane
and the jack be nible jack be quick print art was created by myself in photoshop.  i need to try illustrator, i hear it's even neater for creating things like this :) any advice?

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