Thursday, May 21, 2009

[act like a celebrity]

a month or so ago, my mom & i were shopping at the one and only tj maxx
(one of our adored stores) and came across this fabulous book!
we sat and read it together giggling in the aisle...
hilarious! we agreed.
who can we buy this for? we asked each other.


we remembered my little cousin Hannah's birthday was coming up soon, so my mom snatched one up for her!
come to find out, she loved the book!
her mom told us she's always reading & studying it!

. . .

, my mom surprised lulu with one for her birthday as well!
here is one of our favorite parts...
we think it's a riot!
.because i have 3 very silly lovely little girls, i may appreciate this more than most... i don't know.


-Create an aura o
f mystery and celebrity around yourself by acting like the hottest A-lister in town.

-Buy a pair of enormous sunglasses and wear them all the time, even at night and when you are indoors.

-Say things like "No photographs, please," and "I just wish my fans would leave me alone. I need 'me' time."

-Always look immaculately groomed, even if you are just going to the supermarket.

-Get yourself an entourage to follow you everywhere (walking a few paces behind you, obviously).

-Always look bored, even if you are having fun.

-Always order something that is not on the menu and send it back even when it is delicious.

-Pout a lot.

-Practice signing autographs. Your signature should be flamboyant and completely unreadable.

-Write a list of unreasonable demands to present to your parents. Include things such as every drink I am served must contain exactly six ice cubes -- no more, no less."

-Ask your father to wear a chauffeur's hat whenever he drives you somewhere.

-Start writing the first part of your autobiography. It must be published before you are 2o years old.

.pg 23.

if you're looking for a fun, unique book, give it a go!
they have one for boys too!

.oh, just received an e-mail from my friend saying that the boy's book isn't as fun & fancy, maybe a little boring.
.it's mostly about finding bugs & tying knots.
good to know!
thanks nat!