Tuesday, May 19, 2009

[the tale of a wedding ring]

i had a wedding ring.
i loved it.
my arthritis took over.
one day my knuckle grew so large i became claustrophobic.
i begged sam to cut it off.
i cried.
he tried to make me feel better.
"it's not like you're 500 lbs and we have to cut it off" he teased.
that made me feel a little better.

short story short, it's time to fix it.

i started thinking about the possible symbolism of a scratched cut off ring.

i looked up the definitions of the words cut & swollen/swell. there are many. here are a few:

cut. verb, cut, cut⋅ting, adjective, noun
1. to divide with
2. to detach with
3. to hew or saw down
4. to abridge or shorten; edit by omitting a part or parts
5. to lower, reduce, diminish, or curtail
6. to dilute; make less thick
7. to dissolve
8. to stop; halt the running of
9. to absent oneself from
10. to wound the feelings of severely

swell. verb, swelled, swol⋅len or swelled, swell⋅ing, noun, adjective
1. to rise in waves, as the sea
2. to well up, as a spring or as tears
3. to grow in amount, degree, force, etc.
4. to become puffed up with pride

thankfully. i did not "take off" my ring because of a wounded marriage, but how easily like this ring can we detach, lower, become puffed up, scratch and consequently dissolve, halt, absent oneself, wound feelings severely, and halt the running of our marriage.

after we cut my ring off, people asked if i tried soap, crisco, or other any other method to remove it.
i didn't.
the absurd thing is that my knuckle shrunk back down to it's normal size shortly thereafter... i could have slipped it right back on.
there are many different solutions to problems.
try not to cut it off if you don't have to.
this is my advice :)