Friday, May 15, 2009

[make me shriek]

Robert Childre ss, "Fun for Three," 1962

my husband sam can be a total goof ball & tease! this lively quality makes really happy! alright, sometimes i can get a little annoyed... he can tend to go too far & push it with me here & there, but all in all, it's a really great thing!

of my favorite childhood memories are of when my cute dad would just mess around with us! he's a party guy! he knows how to have fun, and we loved it! still do!
i can remember my dad being pumped about a new record he had just bought! "Everyone in our bedroom!" he'd shout with glee! "Come listen to a new tune!" we'd gather in their room where his killer sound system was set up. record on, volume up, we'd dance and jump on their bed giggling with utter joy! it was just plain simple silliness and fun! it goes a long way!

grateful for sam's "let loose" example. our girls adore his zaniness. yesterday as i was fixing the girls lunch, i just started dancing around acting hair brained and breenie & annie were just entranced with my behavior. they loved it! Shrieking with delight! i must remind myself to show my "silly side" more often and not take the day too seriously. it's extremely easy for me to get wrapped up in all of my responsibilities and forget to have fun!

go ahead & do it again today!