Wednesday, May 13, 2009


two barbies naked on the old hide-a-bed & a new job! yes! sam found a job! after two months of interviewing & throwing me off balance, he'll be starting next wednesday with a company called hci (healthcare insights) as a senior software developer! my favorite part is his new commute... it will only be like 10 min! no more 45 min drives each way! way to go sammy! i'm proud of you lover! now back to spending some $! j/k, i'll be good.

the barbies you ask? okay, so sam & i were laying in bed chatting while the girls were in our tub this morning... sometimes when we're not quite ready to get out of bed and the girls wake up early, we have them come bathe in our bathroom so we can listen to them play and talk. we love to lay & listen to their makebelieve. anyway, somehow we started talking about the fact that lulu is getting so big & how n
ext year is the reccomended age (8) to give her the "birds & the bees talk"!?! Yikes! i'll need some help with that! and ironically today when i went downstairs with the two little ones, this is what i found! lulu's camp rock barbies decided to really go "camping"!?! oh no! this is our first boy barbie... what do we do with him? i hope it was totally innocent. maybe they just undressed them and placed them together? i guess we'll be having a small mommy daughter convo after school! i already asked breenie breen about it and she said nothing. this is not unusual for her. as many of you know, she can sometimes be a mute. she's either loud and super chatty, or silent. as a matter of fact, some days when i pick her up from preschool, her teacher will tell me that she said nothing that day. funny girl. so back to the barbie situation,
if you have any words of wisdom, please share!