Tuesday, May 26, 2009

[my pickle predicament]

i don't know who this cute woman is, but she's strong!

cleaning out the refrigerator is always one of those daunting chores, but i love it when i finish! so today, i threw away 3 jars of pickles!!! what in the world am i doing with 4 jars? i do admit i have much affection for those crisp little green things, however, i am again reminded of my need to plan!

i am the first to admit my shopping impairment... i keep telling myself and my dear husband that i will write out my meals and buy accordingly, but i just get up to my ears in other trappings & run to the store on a whim!

so today after throwing away millions--okay, not millions, but a bountiful myriad of pickles. i am again made aware of how much i bear a grudge against throwing away food! plain foolishness! so i now aspire to get my junk together and devise a course of action!

you may be asking yourself right now why you would care about my pickles gone bad, but this is a reminder for me to step it up and not get myself into a "pickle" like this again!
i'm really not a pun girl, it's just worked out for me the last little while :)