Sunday, May 17, 2009


today i will be a substitute teacher. i am going to teach lulu's primary class! are you catching my enthusiasm? i'm using an exclamation point here... at first thinking i am being a little sarcastic, and then remembering that i really love primary, it will be totally fine and i'm actually very happy to teach them. [this is supposed to be uplifting & enlightening!] "this" is why i like to stop, re-focus and evaluate my state of mind most days. "this" is why i began this blog, to remember the positives. you may think, "gag!" -- that's cool. i just know i'm happier and nicer when i look on the "bright side". back to my class... they're 7, they're cute & i have a great lesson to teach! our lesson today is,
"We Believe the Book of Mormon to Be the Word of God" can i say that i am always totally amazed at how well these lessons are written! everytime i teach, my testimony of divine inspiration is heightened. heavenly father knows what they need, and we are his substitutes.

as i sat on the toilet [lid mind you] bathing my girls, reading this month's Ensign (General Conference Addresses) while little splashes of water hit the pages... i came across this talk by Margaret S. Lifferth, first counselor in the primary general presidency titled Respect and Reverence. i'd like to share with you a few appropriate paragraphs that coincide with teaching:

Our teachers in Primary, Sunday School, and the youth programs have unique opportunities to teach and exemplify respect and reverence. May I offer a few ideas.

First of all, love those in your class. Often the child who is the most disruptive needs your love the most.

Be prepared. Prepare not only the material, but prepare yourself to teach with the Spirit. Many problems with reverence can be defused with a well-prepared lesson in which the students participate.

Years ago President Packer promised the Lord's blessings to those who worship in reverence. Surely those promises apply today: "While we may not see an immediate, miraculous transformation, as surely as the Lord lives, a quiet one will take place. The spiritual power in the lives of each member and in the Church will increase. The Lord will pour out his Spirit upon us more abundantly. We will be less troubled, less confused. We will find revealed answers to personal and family problems."9

I believe the promises of a prophet. I know that I have a loving Heavenly Father and that His Son, Jesus Christ, is my Savior. I pray that our increased reverence will reflect our deepest love for Them and improve our quest to feed Their sheep. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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