Thursday, October 15, 2009

[baby love]


this sweetest little thing ever is my newest nephew .brett whitman christensen. all snuggled close and cozy the day after he was born.
i couldn't wait to see him and capture his new littleness! his special little newborn scent was so magical... there's nothing better! there has just got to be a way to bottle that up!

my mom and i think he looks like a mini harrison ford in this picture...
which is so fitting when his three older brothers can't get enough of indiana jones!
we actually really wanted them to name him indy, but it didn't fly. the other boys would be too jealous!

i've been waiting to post his picture because i've been meaning to take more, but i couldn't wait any longer [huge grin]
i'll just post more!
my dear sister kate and her family are in pure bliss bringing this new precious spirit into their home!