Wednesday, October 7, 2009

[pay day]


my daughter deposited an exuberant amount of coinage into

my piggy bank - aka "love tank"
and apparently i returned the sentiment

when she said to me, "this is the best day ever mom! i love you!"

her bright sparkly eyes stared up at me as i saw my reflection peering back at her.
i am not sure if it was her adorable dainty wee voice, storybook charm, or those long fluttering lashes she has,
but she melted my heart like the chocolate amid the oatmeal cookies we had just baked together.


pay day,blog

after a whirlwind of a morning, i decided to spend a little one-on-one time with this little 4 year old brightside of mine [smile]
.an afternoon of art projects and cooking.
this went miles with her and just confirmed to me that her primary love language is definitely "quality time".

of course all kids love quality time, but this child is especially blissful when we just play with her; down on the floor, face to face.
she is always requesting my company at the barbie house and eats up a good game or story time!

she is placed in the middle, fairly happy and content and has learned to entertain herself.
i need to give her more of my time. i am about to cry!!! what else is new? just like i almost started bawling during the middle of a break down i had when i couldn't find her ballet slippers earlier this morning and was so mad at her for misplacing them right after i had just pulled them out for her [grin]
seriously though, it sure is amazing how a little "special mommy time" can go a long way!

.may i stop and play while leaving the laundry & dishes for another day.

this post made possible by crayola, elmer's and nestlé tollhouse. thank you.