Tuesday, October 20, 2009



.it ended up being a can of soup kind of night.

there was just not enough time in the day to cook.
i figured a little progresso never hurt anyone!
our little bird eater wouldn't have it, but the rest of us inhaled it!

so for family home evening, i thought it would be appropriate to expound on red ribbon week and have our own little lesson about drugs & alcohol. sam and i sent the kids to the basement while we planned our short lesson. i constructed this fine cigarette with paper and tape while sam used apple juice and made his own little whiskey on the rocks!

sam suggested i light the end of this copy cat cancer causer and let it burn for great effect...
.and so i did.
once i blew it out, i didn't think it would keep smoking, so i held it up to my mouth to practice the part.
i inhaled! sam and i were laughing so hard! the kids quickly pranced upstairs to see what all the commotion was about and by then i was out on the back patio holding this,

skewed faces and worried chuckles, lulu yells "that's bad!"


we had a great role-playing lesson and the best was watching sam masquerade around the family room playing drunk!

later after the kids were fast asleep sam pipes up buzzing,
"i wonder if any of the neighbors noticed you out holding that cigarette tonight?"

oh boy!

what are some of your favorite family home evenings? i'd love your ideas!

speaking of families, here is a gorgeous one!