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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

[pressed for time]


i've decided ironing is a lot more fun with a new cover!
it's amazing what a five dollar investment can do!

i don't iron my clothing near as often as i should...
it requires time - and i would rather use my hours differently.
i used to actually enjoy it.
thankfully sam's shirts are cleaned and pressed by the happy red hanger employees, a marriage saver i believe!
it's all those little dresses fluttering around here that has made it daunting.
my goal for this week is to tackle my pile!

happy pressing!
have you seen this?



  1. K, you are so much better then me, because our iron is BROKEN and our board is torn. LOL. I don't know why we even keep it. We never use it!
    Can you say wrinkle release setting, people?!

  2. i think ironing really becoming a "lost art"! between cleaners and the de-wrinkle setting on dryers, not too many people iron anymore!
    Ahh, they just look so crisp and nice when they are freshly pressed...
    one of my friend's daughters had no idea what my iron & board were for! i didn't believe her at first :)

  3. Just the other day, my sweet hubby counted 22 of his shirts waiting to be pressed (two that he got for his birthday back in May that he's never had the chance to wear)....because I agree that it's time consuming and there are better things to be doing! But I'm cheap and won't take them to the cleaners when I know I can do it myself. It's a dilemma. So I broke down and ironed half of them to get him through the next month. :)

  4. I hardly ever iron. I use a's a lot more fun.

  5. heather, i've heard that steamers work great before and forgotten... hmmm, maybe i'll have to come try yours :)

  6. I was totally inspired. I bought a new cover on Saturday. I can't say that I have ironed much since then, but my ironing board looks nice and clean!