Tuesday, March 23, 2010

[blown away]

last saturday was the best day ever!
what an incredible event! i am still blown away every time i think about it! a few of holly & nate's amazing friends & ward members pulled together all of their resources and came up with a fantastic fundraising party!

the jazz bear flew in by helicopter and wowed the crowd! he threw out prizes, signed autographs and gave us all a great show!
flavors catering served a very delicious lunch, donating 100% of ticket sales to the gooch family,
while we jammed with
munchkin radio's d.j.

face painting, head shaving (i think there were 60+ participants!), cotton candy making, and bouncy house fun are just to name of few of the activities.

kids and adults of all ages had a blast!


unfortunately spencer was unable to make it. he wasn't well enough to leave the hospital. he was really sad he couldn't be there. we all missed him, but were so happy we were there to help raise money for his family who are working so hard to help him get better!
we took lots of pictures & videos for you spence!
more to come soon!

p.s. if you weren't able to attend and would like to contribute, please go here and share the love!