Monday, March 8, 2010

[under a blood red sky]

i awoke this morning stunned. my alarm clock had been beeping for quite some time while i lay dreaming of asteroids. last night i had an end of the world dream.... at least i think it was an end of the world dream. it took place on my birthday a few years into the future. we sent home party guests and were about to head out to dinner when all of the sudden we all malfunctioned. any possible electrical connection hiccuped. as we opened up our eyes and felt this power trip, we looked around at each other and couldn't figure out what was going on. all of the sudden we hear commotion going on outside. we run out our back doors and see neighbors hollering and pointing to the sky.

we were under a blood red sky. pink, blue and white streams of asteroids were flying fast, falling down close to us. running for cover, i woke up. ahhhh, don't you hate it when that happens? i wanted to see more! okay, not really, it actually really weirded me out! with all our world's recent destruction, it really makes me wonder when it could be our turn. are we prepared? i quickly told sam about my dream and expressed my urgency to have more water storage and boost up our food as well.
we have a missionary in our ward who is serving in chilé. his parents were finally able to contact him after their horrible earthquake. this missionary told his parents he witnessed many shootings on the streets for food. the baptismal font is their only water storage, which is now black. the grocery store shelves were raided and emptied within three hours.

know ones knows the day or time... are w
e ready like we've been counseled to be?