Wednesday, March 24, 2010

[you know you're old when...]

you buy yourself a 7 day pill organizer for your birthday!

blog,March 2010

it happened. i turned thirty.
i never thought i would be this old! and the thing that's even weirder is that i've felt thirty for the last two years. yeah, ever since i had my third baby, i just felt thirty. don't ask me why.

sam kept teasing me, saying he was going to buy me one of these little containers when i kept asking him if he remembered me taking my medicine or vitamins; i get so busy and don't even realize when i pop 'em some days. i don't know if it's my scattered brain or if my memory just plain stinks.
i told him to get me one. he never did. so, i took it upon myself and finally "remembered" to pick one up at the grocery store :) pretty sad huh? it was great though and it really is ok to be 30.

a great big thank you to my friends and family who made my day extra special!
love you!