Friday, March 26, 2010

[wheat grass 101]

blog,March 2010

my mom taught me how to grow the cutest easter spring grass!
she's been growing it the last few years and i decided it was time to try it out myself.

here's how:
fill solid container (no holes in the bottom) with vermiculite and cover generously with fresh wheat (aprox 1/4-1/2 in deep) enough to cover vermiculite completely.
water with a light spray slowly, making sure it seeps in well without overflowing. when water starts to barely pool on top, you have enough water.
cover with plastic wrap to hold in heat and moisture. water lightly each day, and once fully sprouted, remove the plastic and let grow!
continue to water each day :)

i bought this thin plastic container (above) in the garden section and plan to plop it in a cute, bright easter basket.

blog,March 2010

i also planted this white oval dish (above) aka "the disappearing dish" thinking this will be really cute with tons of tall green grass growing in it!

blog,March 2010

here (above) is how my sprouts look this morning (3rd day)
i'm so excited!
start yours now and it just may be ready for easter!
happy planting!