Friday, May 18, 2012

5 hour energy recipe

wanting an energy boost without all the caffeine?  it's all about vitamin b baby!  have you every looked at the ingredients in those little 5 hour energy shots?  they are loaded with vitamin b6 & 12.  for a fraction of the price you can make your own natural freckle juice!  

here's how to make the magic potion:  take 2 super b-complex (these contain niacin & folic acid which are also found in the 5 hour energy drink) tablets and finely crush them in a glass (i use the end of my rolling pin).  add 1/4 cup ninja red (this is what i use-it's the best at neutralizing the yucky vitamin taste + it's rich in wide-spectrum antioxidants) or cranberry juice & mix well.  that's it!*  

why not just swallow the tablets whole?  you definitely can!  by crushing them, your body absorbs them much quicker for a fast energy boost.   i love that there is no crash landing either.  i feel energized quickly and don't hit a brick wall after a few hours.  

did you know that vitamin b helps convert food into energy?  love that!  here are more awesome facts about it.

now go get something done :)

have a great weekend!  i'm so excited to stay in tonight for family movie night in my jammies!  how will you celebrate the end of the week?

*5 hour energy has the caffeine equivalent of 1 cup of coffee- so if you are wanting the caffeine, you can add 1 crushed caffeine tablet.
**WARNING: i am not a physician and will not be held liable for your health.  be sure to read all labels & consult your physician before using. 

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