Wednesday, May 2, 2012

the acorn bakery

are you ready for some serious eye dessert today?  check out my darling friend genevive's new bakery!

the acorn bakery is a made-from-scratch, one woman operation in the heart of downtown southern pines, NC! 

genevive currently makes sweet and savory morning pastries, cakes, cookies, and the best pies in town using the best ingredients she can find (local eggs, local berries, french butter, local goat cheese, belgian chocolate, mexican vanilla, etc). 

she is frequently asked, "how are you  opening a business when your husband is in the army... won't you just move soon?" she replies, "after three years of teaching high school, i realized that i couldn't just wait around for my husband to retire to finally do something that i really love." 

while waking up at 4:00 am and working until 6:00 pm isn't exactly her dream job, the opportunity to be her own boss is really rewarding. she says, "i get to be creative on a daily basis and will never get tired of hearing that people love my food. i am also getting to become a part of my small town's community, and i love the tight knit group of people that i am becoming a part of."

guaranteed her high school students miss her!  hopefully they visit her at acorn!   
isn't she adorable?  how she stays so thin baking all her deliciousness is beyond me!  
genevive and i grew up together! yep, one street apart.  her mom always made the best cookies... maybe that's where she gets her talent ☺ 
last year at her sister nicole's wedding, i had the great pleasure of tasting her baked goods... and oh-my-my, everything was to die for!  
her toasted coconut cupcakes- those babies were pure heaven!  do you sell cupcakes too Veive?  if not, ya otta!
i sure wish i lived in north carolina!  but if you happen to live anywhere close to southern pines, be sure to go eat a pastry (or five) for me!  

be sure to check out her website here.
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thanks for letting me feature you vieve!  take care & keep up the good work!

photos courtesy of the acorn bakery