Monday, May 14, 2012


last week my darling livie turned ten!  i'm completely baffled on how this has happened.  she is so big & so grown up!  her feet are almost as big as mine!  whaaat?  she's tall. 

i could go on & on about how she was the easiest baby, had the most beautiful long, blonde, naturally curly hair, and how i sobbed the first time she had stitches, but i'll keep this short & sweet.

it all comes down to her today and about how super rad she is.  let's just say i want to be like olivia when i grow up.  she inspires me.  she is one of the hardest workers i know.  she's sweet and caring and insanely talented.  

livie is quite the little artist.  she can draw people.  and dresses.  they are amazing.  she is currently the goalie on her soccer team, and has the most beautiful cursive writing in the whole fourth grade (that's what her friends say :)

liv is the best big sister.  she makes the perfect oldest child.  she keeps track and carries around her little brother for me - that's huge.  she helps me so much.  i'll stop bragging now.

thank you for making me a mother liv! you were the best first mother's day gift i could ever ask for!!  

i love you sis!  do me a favor and slow down on the growing thing though, okay?  it's kinda freakin' me out!

♥ your mom

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