Wednesday, May 16, 2012

art of the teacher

school is almost out!  before we know it our kids will be home with us. all. day.  are you still looking for a teacher gift?  
if so, lucky for you!  there is still time to order my newest addition to the shop! 
 art of the teacher is available in sizes 5x7" & 8x8" in the colors red, citron, shiltake, chartreuse & apple green.  what do you think about square?  i'm pretty excited!  i can't wait to show you this framed!  i typically don't like to add a print to the shop until i can show it framed, but i wanted to get this one out asap so you can order it lickity-split to have for your teacher(s) in time!  here is another great teacher gift idea too!
p.s. don't forget that each additional print after the first is $0- so load up your cart and save!
p.p.s. for those of you who know me personally and live close by, just message me with your order and come pick it up!  no need to pay shipping!  

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