Tuesday, May 15, 2012

basement barbie roundup

i warn them every few months or so that they will need to narrow down the barbies and give some away.  
we were laughing our guts out, annie and i.  we went downstairs to play barbies together and ended up taking head shots with my iphone of each contestant, as well as naming & instagram-ing these lookers.  they're famous now.
who will stay and who will be sent home to goodwill?  cast your vote and save your favorite!  don't assume any are safe! 
once the older girls got home from school today and saw each barb jazzed up and photographed, they really don't want to part with any one of them now lol.  i'm a mean mom.  
ya like that old plaid hide-e-bed?
1. bluie  2. rapunzel  3. california ken  4. busty  5. jewels  6. pocahontas aka "cutie"  7. karlie  8. amber  9. donna  10. lisa  11. hannah montana (we think)  12. jasmin  13. fairy girl  14. sparkles  15. dorothy with a silver mole  16. wanda  17. ariel as snow white  18. rosie  19. sasha  20. brittany

please limit your votes to 3 contestants.  good luck and good night.  the top 5 will be announced next week.  

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